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Glass Ladybug Red-Black - Set of 25

Believed to bring luck these adorable glass ladybugs can be placed in your purse, on your desk or added to a letter as a token of good wishes to a friend. Place a dish full of these on a table as a delightful addition to any room! Sold as a set with 25 L


Ceramic Succulent - Teal Green

Enjoy the ease of gardening by adorning your environment with these ceramic succulents. Aside from the watercolor palette there is no water required!


Kelso Oversized Wood Beads

Varying sizes of Kiri Wood beads are strung together in this oversized decorative strand to add a fun pop of interest to a door knob, a chair rail or hung on the wall with a forged iron nail.


Magic Opalescent Glass Egg - Half a Dozen (online only)

Set of 6 Opalescent Glass Eggs These opalescent glass eggs reflect light in wondrous ways. People of all ages are intrigued by these mysterious eggs that change in color from opal to blue in the palm of your hand. They are particularly alluring in water


Bone China Bird

A bone china bird made from a hand carved mold to depict the tiniest details of a feather or an intrigued beak, this bird has a belly-side slot so it can perfectly perch atop any vessel.


Ceramic Succulent Green - Lrg

Our Succulent Ceramic Objects are true works of art. Each lovely, simple flower is hand-crafted by HomArt artisans; each petal, hand-formed. Then each ceramic piece is given a hand-applied color glaze and a carefully crackled finish. So while they are the


Bone China Curled Magnolia Flower White

HomArt’s Bone China Curled Magnolia Flower blooms all year round in this petrified white decoration that encapsulates the full beauty of the real flower. The Magnolia tree often symbolizes sweetness, beauty, and a love of nature.


Cement Cast Clam Shell - Antique White

HomArt’s antique-white Cement Cast Clam Shell is a beautiful translation of a shell from the thrashing Pacific into a fossilized cement likeness. Great for a shelf or counter, HomArt’s Cement Cast Clam Shell makes a stunning display piece.


Cast Iron Army Men Rifleman - Set of 2

Toy soldier replicas, our Army Men are made of cast iron, hand painted and distressed for a vintage inspired look.


Butterfly Specimen Box - Brown

Eight, hand painted, feather butterflies packaged in an 8x11 Specimen style box. A unique addition to floral arrangements, gift wrap or home decor!


Slumped Glass Bottle - Sm - Assorted - Brown - Set of 2

Once medicinal bottles, the harsh heat of a kiln has guided the glass into these spectacular new shapes. Use to hold pens, flowers, or any small object, HomArt's small Slumped Bottles are a beautiful display for a table, nightstand, counter, or mantle.


Ceramic Buddha Head - Sm - Shiny White

Over time, the Buddha has evolved from being a simple religious figure into a wildly popular symbol for Eastern culture. Once a popular souvenir for returning explorers, this cultural symbol is now seen on counters and shelves in homes around the world.


Gaston the Dachshund - Cast Iron

HomArt’s Gaston the Dachshund stands ready to adorn home decoration displays, shelves, and tables. Dachshund lovers will recognize Gaston’s demeanor and facial expression as a wonderfully realistic representation of this breed’s personality and affect.

HomArt Black Crow Sculpture - Cast Iron - Set of 2
Out of stock

Black Crow Sculpture - Cast Iron - Set of 2

The Black Crow Cast Iron Bird sculpture features natural detail and delicate feathering on the wings and tail as well as life-like facial expressions. Set of 2


Quartz Sphere 2”-3”

Quartz Crystals are extremely popular metaphysically, it is known as the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. It is known as the stone of power an


Metal Dogs - Assorted Colors - Set of 2

Reuse, renew, repurpose! Our primitive inspired family of dogs are handcrafted out of reclaimed steel drums. Embracing the bold graphics and varying colors of this recycled medium each piece is a unique treasure. Sold as a set of 2.


Ceramic Succulent - Soft Blue

Enjoy the ease of gardening by adorning your environment with these ceramic succulents. Aside from the watercolor palette there is no water required!


Cinder the Sitting Cat Statue - Cast Iron - Set of 2

This miniature Sitting Cat Statue mimics one of your pet's favorite poses - the slightly inquisitive turn of the head and the sphinx like profile let you know he is listening but not sure if he wants to play! A great gift for cat lovers everywhere. Set of


Venetian Glass Heart Sky Blue Set of 6

The Venetian island of Murano famous for its art-glass production is the inspiration behind our Venetian Glass Heart Collection. Scatter these across a table top or place them in a bowl for a colorful and heartfelt accent.


Trooper Tom Toy Solider - Cast Iron - Set of 2

Meet Trooper Tom... The classic green army toy solider is reinvented in cast iron for a modern take on an American tradition. Buy one to keep watch over you or let your imagination run wild and create a battle scene with a full army! Set of 2


Heart Lock and Key - Cast Iron Black

The traditional appeal of natural black cast iron meets the intimacy of romantic form in the Heart Lock and Key. The old-world hasp padlock and a sturdy skeleton key give a sense of grandeur and secrecy to your decor.


Heart Lock and Key - Cast Iron Antique White

A vintage white version of our traditional natural black cast iron Heart Lock and Key. The old-world hasp padlock and a sturdy skeleton key give a sense of grandeur and secrecy to your decor.


Phrenology Ceramic Head - Lrg

Once a tool of trade for the doctor's desk our porcelain Phrenology Heads can be considered beyond their original purpose and become a truly thoughtful piece of home dcor.


Reclaimed Metal Sitting Dog - Lrg

HomArt's large Reclaimed Metal Sitting Dog is a beautiful free-standing decoration that becomes a distinctive accent standing in a corner, on a shelf, or by a fireplace. Each piece sports the unique graphics and colors of the original recycled medium.

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