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Glass Ladybug Red-Black - Set of 25

Believed to bring luck these adorable glass ladybugs can be placed in your purse, on your desk or added to a letter as a token of good wishes to a friend. Place a dish full of these on a table as a delightful addition to any room! Sold as a set with 25 L


Green Sea Urchin Round Porcelain Box - Lrg

This hand painted glazed ceramic box gives pearl earrings and necklaces a charming, ocean-inspired home.

Fredericks & Mae Black Fireplace Matches - Large Jar
Out of stock

Black Fireplace Matches - Large Jar

216 fireplace matches - comes in a cork topped glass tube with a strike pad on the bottom. Great addition to any house or gift. 12" x 4" x 4"


Mosaic Glass Votive

Our Mosaic Glass Votive holder brings shimmer to the soft glow of candlelight. Comes with clear glass insert to hold standard votive (not included).


Ceramic Succulent - Grey

Enjoy the ease of gardening by adorning your environment with these ceramic succulents. Aside from the watercolor palette there is no water required!


San Juan Lantern Grande - Black

Each spectacular San Juan Lantern is made of hand forged iron with a black finish and is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Each lantern is fitted with a hinged roof and door for easy access, with a perforated bottom for proper air circulation.

HomArt Ceramic Chain - Matte White
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Ceramic Chain - Matte White

With the fluidity of chain and the delicacy of porcelain our Ceramic Chain is a feast for the tactile and visual senses. Draped on a bust, adoring a vase or piled on a stack of books we dare you to keep your hands off this unique piece.


Small Ceramic Succulent - Set of 2

Our Succulent Ceramic Objects are true works of art. Each lovely, simple flower is hand-crafted by HomArt artisans; each petal, hand-formed. Then each ceramic piece is given a hand-applied color glaze and a carefully crackled finish. Set of 2


Venetian Glass Heart Sky Blue Set of 6

The Venetian island of Murano famous for its art-glass production is the inspiration behind our Venetian Glass Heart Collection. Scatter these across a table top or place them in a bowl for a colorful and heartfelt accent.


Magic Opalescent Glass Egg - Half a Dozen (online only)

Set of 6 Opalescent Glass Eggs These opalescent glass eggs reflect light in wondrous ways. People of all ages are intrigued by these mysterious eggs that change in color from opal to blue in the palm of your hand. They are particularly alluring in water

HomArt Enameled Fern Hurricane - Med - Fern
Out of stock

Enameled Fern Hurricane - Med - Fern

Earthen materials appropriated from nature are forever conserved in our Enamel Hurricane Collection. Fern fronds are enameled onto simple glass silhouettes presenting an intriguing luminary for a candle or flower vessel.


Ruled Cylinders Vase - 6"

Created by using a lost wax process, the ruled graphics on our gloss white cylinders provide a rustic rule of scale to whatever the vessels may hold.


Love Keys - Cast Iron Natural

Show how much you care with our whimsical Cast Iron Love Keys. Hang them as a decorative reminder on a door or wall, or use them on your desk to keep those love letters in place! The hidden message within the set of five keys is formed by the shape of th


White Floral & Spice Votive Candle 2oz

A spicy and oaky white floral fragrance with Jasmine and Iris notes. One votive will provide fragrance for the entire room, and burn for approximately 20 hours.


Juno Ceramic Head Cachepot - White

Our glossy ceramic, Grecian inspired head cachepots add a hint glamor and offer a touch of whimsy when given a plant pompadour or a floral fauxhawk. Watertight.


Wings - Gold Foil - Matches Set of 3 Boxes

HomArt's signature Match Boxes flaunt unique designs with coordinating match tips. Sweet as a hostess gift, a perfect accompaniment to a candle, and always an eye catching pop of graphic decor. Safety matches, approx. 50 sticks per box.


Hare Wall Hook - Cast Iron

Add a charming accent to your décor with our stately Cast Iron Hare Wall Hook. Whether hidden under piles of coats or exposed as a decorative piece it will add a little rustic charm, with country manor house style, to any room.


Ceramic Swallow - Sm White

Our customer's love these ceramic sparrows. They are available flying to the Left or Right, if you have a preference please put it in your order notes. They feature a hole on one side so they can easily be hung. This is the price for one swallow.


Anchor Stamped Glass Bottles Sm - Smoke Green

HomArt's small Anchor Stamped Glass Bottles are hand blown in smoke green glass and don't rely on the stamp to remind us of the tides. Perfect as a decoration, vase, or container, these bottles fit most decorative tastes effortlessly .


Bower Ceramic Vase - Med Wide - Fancy White

HomArt's Bower Ceramic Vase carry somewhat random dents and impressions that add a rustic and original personality to each and every one while not compromising stability. A great display for a little bouquet or a home for pens, pencils, or small utensils.


Hull Wood & Iron Shelf - Lrg

Crafted of iron and wood, the Hull Shelves have a minimalist style and a contemporary edge that draws the eye to photos, books and gathered objects. Wall mounted with 2 screws, not included.


Ink Bottle with Zinc Cap - Assorted - Set of 2

While the days of pen and quill may be behind us, the charm of these vintage glass ink bottles will never fade. Collected in mass, each metal-capped bottle will vary in shape, size, and color.


Ceramic Buddha Head - Sm - Shiny White

Over time, the Buddha has evolved from being a simple religious figure into a wildly popular symbol for Eastern culture. Once a popular souvenir for returning explorers, this cultural symbol is now seen on counters and shelves in homes around the world.

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