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Vases & Jars

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HomArt Kane Ceramic Vase - Sm - Matte Green
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Kane Ceramic Vase - Sm - Matte Green

A versatile pattern reminiscent of honeycomb is embossed into the molds of our Kane Vases. The pieces are glazed in a soothing matte green and a striking matte charcoal and are sized in geometrically portioned cylinders.


Pyrite Ceramic Vase - Lrg - Matte Silver

HomArt's large matte silver Pyrite Ceramic Vase is a perfect addition in the home, housing multiple types of flowers beautifully. All show unique and varying chips and impressions, making every piece one-of-a-kind.


Lund Ceramic Vase - Sm - Matte White

The organic yet calculated facets of quartz crystal formations inpsired HomArt's small Lund Ceramic Vase. A matte white glaze pays homage to the mineral itself while the geometric surfaces and plains suggest the perfectly imperfect facets of quartz.


Ruled Ceramic Container - Med - White-Black

HomArt's medium Ruled Ceramic Container is fun and decorative as well as functional. Perfect as a stand-alone decoration,it can also be used to display or organize in the kitchen or office or as a vase or to serve food or liquid.

HomArt Mulberry Ceramic Rect Vase - Sm - White
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Mulberry Ceramic Rect Vase - Sm - White

HomArt's Mulberry Ceramics add just the right touch indoors or out, in the family or living room, in the garden, or on the patio or deck. Simultaneously evoking a sense of polished style and a rustic charm bestowed by the hand-applied antique patina.


Shibori Ceramic Vase - Sm - Fancy Blue

Our Shibori Ceramic Vase is textured with a horizontal scratching design and features a sky meets ocean blue hue, giving the impression of endless horizons. Each vase is individually hand-dipped in the glaze, which creates subtle variations in color in


Mason Ceramic Hanging Vase - Wide

The Mason Ceramic Vases are designed to hang – either from a branch or on a wall – and also sit as a vessel for the table. The partial glaze creates a yin and yang showcasing their serene, sculptural shape. Jute hanger not included.


Summerland Ceramic Vase - Petite Cream

Reminiscent of hand thrown pottery with subtle ribbing from the artist's hands, organically shaped rims and spouts, and handles exuding individual personalities, the Summerland Ceramic Vases are the newest keepsake family in our Heritage collection.

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