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Crystal Heart Distressed Silver

Whether hung from a shelf, door handle or mirror our Crystal Silver Distressed Heart will add a touch of visual interest and whimsy to any decor. An ornament inspired by the past but thoroughly modern.


Carved Wood Feather Objects - Set of 3, Assorted

Perfect hand-carved delights for anywhere in the home or office, HomArt's Wood Feather Objects are a beautiful display of hand-carved pine. HomArt's Carved Wood Feather Objects are stunning renderings transitioning seamlessly between seasons and styles, w


Vintage Sari Elephant Ornament - Set of 2

Love surprises Authentic sari garments come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that are as vibrant as the culture they come from. And because each of these star ornaments is made with real sari fabric, no two are alike. Sold as a set of

HomArt Reclaimed Metal Ornament - Whale
Out of stock

Reclaimed Metal Ornament - Whale

HomArt's Reclaimed Metal Whale Ornaments represent the height of sophistication in green living. Using reclaimed steel drums, each sports the unique graphics and colors of the recycled medium. Hang from a shelf, wall, or beam. Not a toy.


Glass Wedding Cake Ornament - Set of 6

Elegantly handcrafted for a timeless look. Use them on a Christmas tree, or year round to accent decor. Mix and match for visual interest. Set of 6


Reclaimed Whale Ornament

HomArt's Reclaimed Metal Wahle Ornament in white sports the unique graphics and colors of the recycled metal medium, resulting in a cohesive collection of Green Living figurines in which no two are exactly alike.