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Wall Pocket - Glass - Rect Clear

HomArt’s Glass Wall Pockets can be used for decorations or for organization. They are the perfect receptacle for flowers, little accoutrements such as pencils or note pages, or any item one wants to contain or display nearby.


Clips - Day of the Week - Set of 7 - Natural Wood

HomArt's Day of the Week Clip Set comes with seven natural wood clips, one for each day of the week. A perfect way to set reminders and schedule other organizational tasks they are sure to add style to any home or office space.


Darby Metal Letter Basket

HomArt's Darby Letter Basket is practical and attractive. Hang it on an office, hallway, or kitchen wall to keep mail, pens and pencils, keys, note pads, recipes . . . anything you want to organize, display, and keep handy in great style.


Black Head Push Pins - Box of 100 - Black

HomArt's Black Head Push Pins are usable and fun, adorning walls and cork boards with finger-friendly ball grips.


Chalkboard on Clip - Box of 4 - Natural Wood

HomArt's Chalkboard Clips bring the novelty of a real blackboard down to a manageable scale. Our one-of-a-kind clips can be fixed almost anywhere in the home to lay convenient reminders and stylish labels. Pair perfectly with HomArt's high-quality chalk.


Olin Felt Wastebaskets - Sqr - Set of 2 - Cream

Thick felt is formed into practical and useful pieces to warm the home and soften the surroundings. Avoid putting Olin felt in the washer or dryer as it may alter the shape of the product. Clean with a soft bristle brush and a damp cloth.


Soapstone Chalk - Box of 12 Sticks - White

Long-lasting chalk made of soapstone outlasts traditional school chalk making it an economical (and relatively dust-free!) option to use with our Slate Hanging Boards, Coasters and Chalkboard Signs.


Safety Pin - Lrg - Nickel

Hold your keys in style with HomArt's large funky Safety Pins, or fashion an apron using a length of cloth with this pin as the fastener. There are myriad uses for these nickel-plated utilitarian items turned fanciful.


Safety Pin - Sm - Nickel

Hold your keys in style with HomArt's small nickel-plated Safety Pins. There are myriad uses for these utilitarian item items turned fanciful, including simply using one or both as display pieces.


Reclaimed Wood Cork Board

Using wood reclaimed from salvaged windows, doors, carts, and bridges, HomArt artisans breathe new life into these practical pieces by turning them into Cork Memo Boards. Boards may be hung horizontally or vertically.


Clock Memo Clips - Box of 12 - Natural Wood

HomArt's Clock Memo Clips in natural wood feature a classic analogue clock face shown at each hour of the day, making them perfect for staging reminders and other organizational tasks. Set of 12.


Grand Memo Clip - Natural Wood

More than your typical clip, HomArt's Grand Wooden Memo Clip is perfect for heavy jobs in the home or office. HomArt's Grand Memo Clip is a show of your adventurous personality and can be a giant help in the home or office.

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